Payments to MPs and MPs staff by private companies


Payments to MPs and MPs staff by private companies


IPSA does not hold the information you requested.  We do not make any payments to MPs through third parties.  If this enquiry concerns the recent publicity about the use of service companies to avoid PAYE, we can confirm that all MPs are paid through the payroll and so this issue does not arise.  IPSA also pays MPs staff through the payroll and all of these payments are subject to PAYE as for MPs.

However, although not directly related to your request, MPs are free to engage their own staff and to contract with companies to provide staffing and other services. For example, many MPs will have a contract with a local cleaning firm and other local suppliers which may involve the use of staff.   IPSA will not necessarily be aware of the tax arrangements behind these contracts, which will be a matter between the MP and their supplier.

2 March 2012
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