Legal expense claims made by Sir Bob Russell MP


You specifically requested details of ‘the amounts and dates of payment for sums which Sir Bob has obtained money from public funds to pay his legal expenses’ in relation to an ongoing employment tribunal case.


I can confirm that IPSA does not hold the information that falls within the description specified in your request.

Under IPSA’s Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, MPs are not able to claim for the actual cost of any legal expenses relating to employment tribunals.

Under the Scheme, MPs are able to claim the cost of legal expenses insurance if they so wish. However, I can confirm that Sir Bob Russell MP has not claimed either legal expenses or legal expenses insurance, specifically in order to meet costs arising from any employment tribunal, from IPSA since we became fully operational in May 2010.

It is possible that such cover may be provided by other insurance policies Sir Bob has taken out. IPSA publishes details of all expenses incurred by MPs, once every two months on our publication website. A user guide can also be found on the website to assist you with your search.

13 February 2012
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