MPs with 'second homes' in Kent


Could you please provide me with a list of the current Members of Parliament who have constituencies in Kent who claim for expenses for second homes?


Under the MPs’ Scheme of Expenses and Costs set by IPSA, MPs are split into London Area and non-London Area MPs depending on how close their constituency is to Westminster. Non-London Area MPs are able to claim Accommodation Expenditure for one residence only while London Area MPs cannot claim Accommodation Expenditure (except for the soon-to-end mortgage interest subsidy for property owned by the MP).

Paragraph 4.3 of the Scheme states that ‘MPs may only claim for Accommodation Expenditure in relation to a property at one location, which may be either: (a) in the London Area, or (b) within the MPs’ constituency, or within 20 miles of any point on the constituency boundary’. We do not characterise these as ‘second homes’ but as the MP’s registered property. We meet the cost from the public purse of a single property in order to enable MPs to carry out their Parliamentary functions. We do not hold information on the locations of any other residences that MPs may have.

Please find attached in Annex A, a list of MPs whose constituencies are based in Kent and whether they claim for Accommodation Expenditure. I would like to reiterate that for the purpose of claiming this expenditure, MPs have only one registered home.

Further information relating to IPSA’s MPs’ Scheme of Expenses and Costs can be found on the IPSA website. IPSA also routinely publishes information on expenses claimed by MPs on our publication website.

Annex A – List of MPs whose constituencies are based in Kent and whether they claim for Accommodation Expenditure. Please note that for the purpose of claiming expenses, MPs have only one registered home

Name of MPConstituencyAccommodation Expenditure claims submitted and reimbursed to date
Damian GreenAshfordNone
Julian BrazierCanterburyYes
Tracey CrouchChatham and AylesfordYes
Gareth JohnsonDartfordNone
Charlie ElphickeDoverNone
Hugh RobertsonFaversham and mid-KentYes
Damian CollinsFolkestone and HytheYes
Rehman ChishtiGillingham and RainhamNone
Adam HollowayGraveshamNone
Helen GrantMaidstone and the WealdYes
Roger GaleNorth ThanetYes
Mark RecklessRochester and StroodNone
Michael FallonSevenoaksYes
Gordon HendersonSittingbourne and SheppeyNone
Laura SandysSouth ThanetNone
Sir John StanleyTonbridge MallingNone
Greg ClarkTunbridge WellsYes

Further details of all Accommodation Expenditure claims submitted can be found on IPSA’s publication website.

4 January 2012
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