Number of apprentices employed by MPs


How many apprentice contracts IPSA has received from MPs since May 2010? Of that total number, can you please tell me how many were from (a) Conservative) (b) Labour (c) Liberal Democrat (d) Scottish Nationalist Party (e) Plaid Cymru (f) Democratic Unionist Party (g) Sinn Fein (h) Green (i) Ulster Unionist Party and (j) Social Democratic and Labour Party MPs


I can confirm that IPSA holds the information that falls within the description specified in your request.

IPSA currently has a total of twenty-five members of MPs’ staff registered on our systems as having the job title ‘apprentice’. It should be noted that there may be cases where an MP has employed a staff member and registered them on our system, but has not specifically notified us that they are an apprentice.

Of the twenty-five members of staff registered as apprentices, twelve are registered to MPs from the Conservative Party; nine are registered with the Labour Party and four are registered with the Liberal Democrats. None of the other parties have any members of staff registered with us that have ‘apprentice’ in the job title.

4 January 2012
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