Visits to MPs' offices as part of the Annual Review of the Scheme of Expenses and Costs


How many visits to MPs' offices were made this year as part of the review of the provisions set out in the MPs’ expenses Scheme relating to staffing.

Of those total visits can you tell me how many belonged to (a) Conservative (b) Labour (c) Liberal Democrat and (d) minor party MPs.

In addition, can you tell me how many visits took place in (a) Greater London (b) the South East (c) the South West (d) West Midlands (e) East Midlands (f) Eastern Region (g) North East (h) North West (i) Yorkshire and the Humber (j) Scotland (k) Wales and (l) Northern Ireland.


I can confirm that IPSA holds the information that falls within the description specified in your request.

As part of the staffing review, twenty-one visits were made to eighteen MPs’ offices. A small number of these visits were in Westminster, but the majority were to constituency offices.

Eight of these visits were to the offices of Conservative MPs, seven to the offices of Labour MPs, two to the offices of Liberal Democrat MPs and one to another MP.

In Annex A below, we have broken the visits down by the location of the MPs’ constituency as requested and the location of the visit (constituency or Westminster office).

Annex A – Policy team visits to MPs’ offices as part of IPSA’s staffing review in 2011

Visits to constituency officeVisits to Westminster officeTotal
Greater London426
South East000
South West202
West Midlands000
East Midlands000
Eastern Region112
North East000
North West415
Yorkshire & Humber101
Northern Ireland000

8 December 2011
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