Job descriptions, grades and salary ranges of IPSA staff


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you provide me with full job descriptions including person specifications, number of personnel and salary brackets for each of the following positions?

1. Head of Assurance and Review2. Deputy Assurance and Review Manager3. Assurance and Review Officer4. Operations Director5. Deputy Operations Director6. Senior Operations Manager7. Operations Manager8. Records Management Team Leader9. Records Management Officer10. Assistant Records Management Officer11. Validation Team Leader12. Senior Validation Officer (Disability Support)13. Validation Officer14. Assistant Validation Officer15. Senior Validation Officer (Travelcards)16. Systems Administrator17. Telephone Team Leader18. Information Officer (position within Telephone Team Leaders department)19. Email Team Leader20. Senior Information Officer (position within Email Team Leaders department)21. Information Officer (position within Email Team Leaders department)22. Payroll Manager23. Deputy Payroll Manager24. Payroll Officer25. Assistant Payroll Officer26. Publications Manager27. Publications Officer28. Head of Performance and Governance29. MP Training Manager30. Head of Governance31. Policy & Admin Officer32. Assistant Manager (Corporate Performance)33. Head of IT & Data Security34. IT & Data Security Officer35. Policy Director36. Head of Policy37. Policy Manager38. Assistant Policy Manager39. Communications Director40. Communications Manager41. Assistant Communications Manager

In addition to the above please can you provide me with an up to date IPSA organisational chart including all departments and all junior staff positions.


You requested full job descriptions, including person specifications, the number of personnel and salary ranges for forty-one job roles within IPSA. Please find attached with this letter:

  • Annex A – A table containing the requested job titles and the corresponding grade of staff members and the number of posts with that role.

  • Annex B – A table containing salary ranges per pay grade.

  • Attachment 1 – Job descriptions for all roles at IPSA (correct in October 2010. These are already available on the IPSA website under the Freedom of Information section; however, I include a copy for ease of reference.

  • Attachment 2 – An updated chart showing IPSA’s organisation structure on 1 October 2011.

Please note that some job titles have been changed since October 2010 as indicated in Annex A and some job descriptions and titles are currently in the process of being updated and finalised. 

Annex A – FOI2011-092 – Table containing requested job titles with corresponding pay grades and the number of posts within IPSA.

PositionGradeNumber of posts
1. Head of Assurance and ReviewE1
2. Deputy Assurance and Review ManagerC1
3. Assurance and Review OfficerB2
4. Operations DirectorDirector1
5. Deputy Operations DirectorF1
6. Senior Operations ManagerD1
7. Operations Managern/a0
8. Records Management Team LeaderC1
9. Records Management OfficerB1
10. Assistant Records Management OfficerA2
11. Validation Team LeaderC2
12. Senior Validation Officer (Disability Support)C1
13. Validation OfficerB4
14. Assistant Validation Officern/a0
15. Senior Validation Officer (Travelcards)C1
16. Systems AdministratorB1
17. Telephone Team LeaderC1
18. Information Officer (position within Telephone Team Leaders department)B2
19. Email Team LeaderC1
20. Senior Information Officer (position within Email Team Leaders department)C1
21. Information Officer (position within Email Team Leaders department)B2
22. Payroll Managern/a0
23. Deputy Payroll ManagerC1
24. Payroll OfficerB5
25. Assistant Payroll Officern/a0
26. Publications ManagerD1
27. Publications OfficerB2
28. Head of Performance and Governance (Now the Head of Planning and Performance)F1
29. MP Training ManagerD1
30. Head of Governancen/a0
31. Policy & Admin Officer (Now the CEO and Board Support Officer/APS)n/a1
32. Assistant Manager (Corporate Performance) (Now the Data Analyst and Risk Manager)n/a1
33. Head of IT & Data SecurityE1
34. IT & Data Security Officern/a0
35. Policy DirectorDirector1
36. Head of PolicyE1
37. Policy ManagerD1
38. Assistant Policy ManagerC1
39. Communications DirectorDirector1
40. Communications ManagerE1
41. Assistant Communications Managern/a0

Annex B – FOI2011-092 – Salary ranges for IPSA pay grades

The salary bands are as follows:

GradeSalary band
A£19,500 – £25,000
B£23,000 – £30,500
C£30,500 – £37,000
D£35,000 – £46,000
E£46,000 – £61,500
F£60,000 – £73,000
Director£73,000 – £85,000

7 November 2011
Exemptions Applied: