Details of substantive investigations undertaken by the Compliance Officer


Names of all MPs whose expenses claims have been subject to “substantive” investigations since IPSA took charge of the system’ and ‘details of the allegations and the outcome where available


The Compliance Officer for IPSA is an independent office holder and has two primary functions:

  1. To review a determination by IPSA to refuse an MP’s expense claim in whole or in part; and

  2. To conduct an investigation if he has reason to believe that a member of the House of Commons may have been paid an amount under the expenses scheme that should not have been allowed.

We understand that the Compliance officer for IPSA will be publishing the names of all MPs whose expense claims have been subject to substantive investigations, along with details of the allegations and outcomes, as you mentioned in your request. This information will be published on the Compliance Officer’s website This information is therefore exempt under Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information Action (information intended for future publication).

We have considered whether the public interest in releasing the information outweighs the application of the exemption. It is our opinion that the public interest is best served by publishing full information at an agreed time, rather than on an ad hoc basis, as in this way a clear and complete set of information is published. It is for these stated reasons that the application of the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

4 October 2011
Exemptions Applied:
Section 22