Number of working days of IPSA Board members


The dates that each Board Member has been present in the IPSA office since their respective appointment on IPSA business; and the approximate number of hours they were engaged in IPSA business on each date.


IPSA does not record information in the form that you have requested.

Board members submit monthly time logs for the time they wish to claim for in the previous month. These time sheet submissions do not collect information that distinguishes between the number of hours the Board member has spent on their duties at the offices of IPSA or elsewhere. They may also under-represent the amount of time the Board member has worked on IPSA business. For example, a Board member may choose to claim only for the time spent in a particular meeting and not for the time taken to read any relevant papers, participate in any associated conference call discussions or any other preparatory meetings they may have attended.

We do hold a complete record of the number of hours each Board member has chosen to claim for each month. The table below details the number of days and hours between December 2009 and June 2011 for which the Chairman and Board members have received remuneration. For these purposes one day equates to 7.5 hours.

14 July 2011
Exemptions Applied: