Verification of Sir Ian Kennedy's non-IPSA work


I seek clarification of IPSA's role in relation to outside legal and/or consultancy work carried out by IPSA's Chair Professor Sir Ian Kennedy.

  1. Is Sir Ian required to inform IPSA of such work and seek approval before he undertakes it?

  2. If so, in the past year on how many occasions have requests for approval been made? how many requests for approval have been sanctioned? how many requests for approval have been refused - and why?


Specifically you asked whether Sir Ian is required to inform IPSA of other work and whether he needs to seek approval before undertaking it; and on how many occasions Sir Ian has made such requests over the past year, how many have been approved and refused and why.

Sir Ian Kennedy, as Chairman of IPSA, is not a member of IPSA’s staff, nor is his office a full-time position. Consequently, Sir Ian is free to carry out other work besides work for IPSA, providing such work is compatible with his role as Chairman of IPSA. Sir Ian also lists other activities in the register of interests, a copy of which will shortly be published on IPSA’s website.

Sir Ian would only be expected to seek prior approval from fellow Board members to carry out other work when there might be a risk of a conflict, or perceived conflict, of interest with his role in IPSA. Over the past year Sir Ian has made no such requests.

16 May 2011
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