Details of IPSA's staffing arrangements


  • How many members of staff are currently employed by IPSA (as of 1st March 2011)?

  • Can you provide me with the job descriptions, person specifications and salary bands relating to all of the current roles at IPSA?

  • How many different departments does IPSA have, and how many members of staff are employed in each department?

  • What are the salary bands for all IPSA staff, and how many members of staff are employed in each band?

  • How many civil servants are currently on secondment to IPSA from other government departments? If any, which departments are they seconded from?

  • To date, how many IPSA staff have received vouchers under the Reward and Recognition scheme?

  • Will IPSA be routinely publishing information on the number of staff they employ, their job descriptions and their salaries? i.e. In the format proposed for Member’s staff and used by other government departments.

  • (I’ve been advised that this is a policy question, so could you redirect to the relevant person.)


I can advise that as of 1 March 2011 59 staff were employed by IPSA (47 permanent staff, 9 fixed term contract staff and 3 compliance staff). Staff job descriptions are available on the website and for your convenience I have included a copy of the staff job descriptions.

IPSA has seven has departments, Operations which has 35 staff members, Chief Executive’s Office which has 1 member of staff, Planning & Performance which has 3 members of staff, Finance & Corporate Services which has 7 members of staff, Policy which has 3 members of staff, Communications and Publications which has 7 members of staff and Compliance which has 3 members of staff.

Staff salary bands and the numbers of staff employed in each band are detailed in the below table:

GradeSalaryNo. employees
A19,500- 25,0004
B23,000- 30,50023
C30,500 – 37,00015
D35,000 – 46,0004
E46,000 – 61,0007
F60,000 -73,0003
Ungraded (Directors)3

Currently 5 civil servants are on secondment to IPSA from the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Business Innovation and Skills.

Turning to your questions regarding the IPSA staff Reward and Recognition scheme, I can advise that 16 members of staff have received vouchers at a value of between £10 - £20 each.

Finally, turning to your question whether IPSA will routinely publish information on the staff it employs. IPSA already discloses staff job descriptions, which can be found under the FOI section. For your convenience I have provided a copy of the document.

28 March 2011
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