MPs claiming mortgage relief


I refer to both my email sent last week and my brief telephone enquiry this afternoon on MPs expenses and in particular, Mortgage Relief and the individual MPs who are entitled to claim this expense.

Obviously, it would help my query, if I have information on named individuals that I can then see for myself, bearing in mind if this is in the Public Domain, of which I would firstly, like to establish.

If the above query is on public Record, then I am therefore requesting a copy of what named MPs, are entitled to claim on Mortgage Relief. For example David Cameron, does he claim and is this information in the public domain, and as a member of the public are we allowed to have access to the amounts. I hope that I have made the point clear. I do hope that this email is taken seriously, as it is a genuine request to ascertain and find out if these persons are getting a better deal on interest relief than members of the public who claim a similar entitlement on benefit.


Specifically you ask for information regarding individual MPs who are entitled to claim mortgage relief.

I can confirm that the rules relating to the ability of MPs to claim mortgage interest are available on IPSA’s website. For your convenience I attach a copy of these. The website also provides a link to published MPs expenses where individual payments to specific MPs can be viewed. The information you have requested is therefore exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the FOIA (information accessible to applicant by other means) because it can be found on IPSA’s website.

1 March 2011
Exemptions Applied:
Section 21