Details of rejected expense claims


Please tell me how many expense claims have been rejected since 7 May and how many of those have been found to have been IPSA’s administrative errors.


The information provided in the below table details the figures requested above and additional information, which you will also find useful:  

Period covered: May 2010 to 25 January 2011

TypeRejected claims
1 Total number of claims not paid.2757
2 Total number of requests for review.558
3 *Valid number of valid requests for review.251
4 Number of reviews resulting in a payment or part-payment of the claim.245
5Number of reviews resulting in payment or part-payment due to administrative error150

Under paragraph 3.6 of the Scheme Members may request that a decision to not pay a claim is reviewed on the grounds that:

  • the rules have been incorrectly applied; or

  • IPSA has made an administrative error.

Members have up to 14 days after notification of a not-paid claim to make such a request. The Scheme does not allow for a review on any other grounds eg where the claim is submitted without appropriate supporting evidence or the claim form has been incorrectly completed.

However, during the early days of IPSA and for a time after the end of the period of grace when IPSA and Members were becoming more accustomed to the new Scheme and process, such invalid requests for review were accepted and completed.  In order to enable the payments to be made, for example, following examination of additional evidence provided, it was necessary to attribute the reason for overturning the original decision not to pay the claim to one of the categories provided by the Scheme above.

28 January 2011
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