Comments made by MPs that have disagreed with decisions made by IPSA


  1. In a Freedom of Information request where can I view the comments made by MPs that have disagreed with your decision?

  2. When it comes to how MPs expenses are calculated why are HMRC guidelines simply not copied? These would apply to anyone else, why should MPs be any different?


In relation to the first part of your request, you will recall from my email of 7 January 2011 that I requested clarification as to whether the information you require was in relation to IPSA’s decision not to pay MPs expenses. I can advise that until we are provided with the requested clarification we are unable to take any further action with this part of your request. 

Turning to the second part of your request, as Office Holders, MPs are responsible for their own tax matters, including completing a Self Assessment tax return and P11D forms to provide details of expenses and benefits in kind. HMRC produces guidance for MPs on the taxable status of all expenses covered by the MPs’ Expenses Scheme. The only expenses for which IPSA deducts tax and/or National Insurance contributions are those which are administered through our payroll system.  Such expenses include the salaries of MPs and their employed staff, and the London Area Living Payment. I can advise therefore that decisions relating MPs taxation is a matter for HMRC and not IPSA.

28 January 2011
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