Not paid claim lines


Thank you for compiling this data [see FOI089]. I have the following queries:

  1. Under expense type you have stated “other” in a number of instance. Please be more specific.

  2. I would like further detail on a number of expenses listed: a) claim 1006 Jun on 8/06/2010 “removal costs”. B) 1007  Jul 13/07/2010 “contingency”. C) 1007 Jul 15/07/2010 “Public Tr Ferry”. D) 1007 Jull 26/07/2010 “Disability Assist Adjustment”.

  3. Sir Scott Baker has decided the public interest lies in not revealing the identity of MPs, please list the party for each item instead.

Please state the cost of each expense claim.


Further to our conversation, I attach some further information below. 

  1. When MPs complete an expense claim, they select the budget against which they are making a claim – for example Travel or General Administration Expenditure. They are then provided with a drop-down list of expenditure type within each budget. Because these lists aren’t exhaustive, there is also an “other” option on the drop-down list. MPs then add detail of these claims to their expense claim, and it is this information that requires some further sensitivity work in advance of further disclosure. However, it might be something like cleaning equipment for the constituency office or coffee and tea for constituents attending an MP’s surgery.

  2. You asked about four specific claims:

    1. Claim 1006 Jun, 08/06/10 “removal costs”. The additional recorded information for this is as follows: “furniture removal costs” and “removal of furniture to new constituency office”.

    2. Claim 1007 Jul 13/07/2010 “contingency”. The additional recorded information for this is as follows: “Travel expenses for intern” and “Travel expenses for [name redacted]”.

    3. Claim 1007 Jul 15/07/2010 “Public Tr Ferry”. The additional recorded information for this is as follows: “[Name redacted] Travel” and “[Name redacted} ferry”.

    4. Claim 1007 Jull 26/07/2010 “Disability Assist Adjustment”. As discussed on Thursday, for data protection reasons, we are releasing information on disability claims once per annum in aggregated form. We do not, therefore, intend to provide information on individual claims –whether reimbursed or not

  3. As discussed on the phone, we record MPs by name and not by party. We do not, therefore, have a process for extracting this information by party and would need to create a new record.

  4. I attach a revised spreadsheet which lists the cost of each claim that has not been reimbursed. I am also including details of the class of travel for train journeys. These should have been included in the original information release and I apologise for the omission.

14 December 2010
Exemptions Applied: