Complaints received regarding length of time to answer the information line


Please let me know if you keep a record of all complaints received about the length of time it takes to answer the information line and, if so, please let me see the records.


I can confirm that IPSA holds the information that falls within the description specified in your request.

IPSA is currently preparing a revised complaints procedure. To date, any complaints received in writing addressed to either the Chief Executive or the Director of Operations at IPSA, and of the Chair of the IPSA Board,  have been handled as formal complaints. Each of these complaints has been investigated and a full written response has been provided.

A search through our correspondence system shows that six formal complaints relating to waiting times for the Information Line have been received since IPSA began to administer the new MPs’ Expenses Scheme on 7 May 2010.

Please find attached a table showing the six formal complaints received and logged on the correspondence system since 7 May relating to Information Line waiting times.

Table 1: Formal complaints logged on correspondence system since 7 May 2010 relating to Information Line waiting times. 

FromDate receivedSubjectDate resolved
MP23/06/10Time taken to answer calls.05/07/10
MP’s staff member22/07/10Time taken to answer calls.27/07/10
MP03/08/10Time taken to answer calls.04/08/10
MP’s staff member03/09/1018 minutes to answer phone call; call passed to payroll (despite message); payroll did not call back.15/09/10
MP03/09/10Length of time to answer calls15/09/10
MP14/09/10Phone call waiting time. 15/09/10

29 September 2010
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