IPSA's Gifts and Hospitality code


I notice from the minutes of IPSA's board meeting of 29th April 2010 there was a discussion of the Gifts and Hospitality Code. Having perused your website I can't find this document in any form. I would therefore like to request:a) The current Gifts and Hospitality Code (or any document/code/policy relating to board members acceptance of gifts or hospitality under whatever name) if this has been finally agreed and is not about to be imminently published.b) Any draft versions of such documents that were circulated amongst the Chair, board Members or Chief Executive.c) Any written representations or records held of verbal representations made by the Chair or board Members regarding the code.


I can confirm that IPSA holds information that falls within the description specified in your request. Please find attached to this letter the following information:

  • IPSA’s current Gifts and Hospitality Code for Board members, which is also available on our website at www.parliamentarystandards.org.uk, under the About Us section;

  • Two earlier drafts of this document;

  • Extracts from emails from Board members in which representations are made by the Chairman or Board Members regarding the code;

  • Minutes of the Board meeting of 29 April 2010, which is also available on our website under the Publications section.

1 November 2010
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