Information relating to two MPs' expenses


Can you please provide me under Section 1 Freedom of Information Act 2000 with chapter and verse of the following:

  1. Expense claims of Mr. Mathew Offord, Conservative MP for Hendon since the May 2010 elections.

  2. Expense claims of Mr. Mike Freer, Conservative MP for Finchley since the May 2010 elections.

I should also like to know whether these gentlemen have been drawing their annual salary of £63,500 since the elections in May 2010? The reason I ask is that neither has been answering my correspondence, and are therefore not available to their constituents, which is the job they are being paid for by all of us.


Each Member of Parliament receives a basic salary that is paid by IPSA. The basic salary for each Member of Parliament for the financial year 2010/11 is £65,738 per annum. I can confirm that all MPs have been paid their monthly salary since 7 May 2010.

IPSA will publish MPs’ expense claims on its website later this year. Therefore, in IPSA’s view, the information you have requested is exempt under Section 22 of the FOIA (Information intended for future publication).

26 August 2010
Exemptions Applied:
Section 22