Sleeper train travel policy


Sleeper train travel policy


Your email indicates that the House of Commons travel office has advised that in most cases you will be able to obtain a first class cabin at a price equivalent to a standard economy ticket. In some cases, the total cost of the ticket plus sleeper supplement may be higher than the price of a standard open ticket. Therefore, as the guidance to the Scheme states at paragraph 7.7, the total cost will be reimbursed in these cases.

IPSA believes that this will allow Members to obtain a single berth on all sleeper services. Where this is not the case, IPSA would welcome evidence from Members.

We will be conducting the first Annual Review of the Expenses Scheme in the Autumn of 2010. We will consider the issue you have raised as part of that Review.

I am happy to confirm that IPSA will under no circumstances disclose details of your home address, bank account number and sort code.

13 July 2010
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