Cost to the IPSA Implementation Panel for the services of a consultant.


I have been doing some research within the MOJ and it seems that they have lent some expensive resource to IPSA via the implementation programme.  I note from your website that the implementation board has a new joiner a man called Robin Galloway who is programme director.

I am led to believe from my MOJ contacts that IPSA or the Implementation Team it makes no difference really cause it is still the same team have employed a very expensive contractor called Robin Galloway and I suspect his cost is cross charged to you.

I would therefore like to know under the freedom of information act:

  1. The total cost to the IPSA Implementation Team of Robin Galloway per day (This cost should be the daily rate that his agency charge IPSA/Implementation Team or the cross charge IPSA receive from the MOJ)

  2. Where possible the day rate IPSA/Implementation etc pay to Mr Galloway's limited company presuming this is the route used by Mr Galloway.

  3. The total cost to the taxpayer of Mr Galloway involvement with the IPSA project.


Mr Galloway, the IPSA Implementation Programme Director, was seconded from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) as a like-for-like replacement for his predecessor. The financial relationship is a cross-charge arrangement between IPSA and the MOJ. This charge will reflect the same rate as a Senior Civil Service (SCS) grade 1.

Remuneration information for all Directors and Senior Management, including Mr Galloway, will be made available in due course. In IPSA’s view, this information is therefore exempt under Section 22 of the FOIA (Information intended for future publication).  IPSA will publish remuneration information for Directors and Senior Management in its forthcoming Annual Report, which is expected to be available in Summer 2010.

5 July 2010
Exemptions Applied:
Section 22