IPSA's organisational structure and allocated annual budget


  1. Complete organisational chart

  2. Total number of employees

  3. Total annual budget allocated to IPSA


  1. Complete organisational chart

Please find included an organisational chart which outlines the structure of IPSA. IPSA is a new and evolving organisation and as such not all positions listed on the organisational chart have been filled or are operational. A review of this structure will take place in the autumn to ensure the organisation is well placed to deliver its objectives.

  1. Total number of employees

IPSA is expected to be fully staffed by October, with a total of 57 permanent posts. This is subject to recruitment and a review of staffing levels to meet business needs.

  1. Total annual budget allocated to IPSA

The cost of setting up IPSA is £6.6 million.

The total annual budget allocated to IPSA for the period of 2010-11 will be finalised and approved after the general election and full details will be published soon after. As such, until this time, exact budget figures are exempt under section 22 of the FOIA (Information intended for future publication).

The total annual cost of IPSA, the Compliance Office (whose creation is proposed in the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, currently before Parliament), the expenses scheme (including staff costs) and payment of MPs’ salaries is expected to be £170 million.

6 April 2010
Exemptions Applied:
Section 22